Steak Fajitas

Delicious strips of steak that have been freshly grilled to perfection, along with veggies that you can combine to create your own tacos are few and far between. For the best Mexican food in the area like sizzling steak fajitas and more, you should come visit our Lafayette, IN location at Mi Cabanita.
At our popular local company, we are proud to offer the area’s best Mexican foods that have our diners returning for more, time and time again. We cook our fajitas with only the highest quality ingredients that will satisfy your cravings. One you arrive at our restaurant, our staff work hard to provide you with a great experience and meal that exceeds your expectations. You can never beat this flavorful combination of meats, roasted vegetables all rolled into a tortilla, your way. For the best steak fajitas and more, you can count on us.